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We are all Hazel.

So this is my first time ever doing a cosplay, and while it is not the best.  It is my favorite.  I don’t even know if it is considered a cosplay I did it for halloween, with some awesome help of some friends.
For halloween one year I decided I wanted to dress as Dany/Khalessi.  My friend Don entered in all the graphic fire you see here.
One of my favorite times and my favorite costumes, and has basically made me want to do cosplay more.  Who knows this year there might be way more from me.  Not to make everything about race, but sometimes it is hard to figure out who you want to dress up as for halloween or even cosplay as because you think “oh there is no way that i can be that person,”  its hard looking into the world and seeing very little faces that look like you, but what I have learned if there is a strong woman role and you wanna be it or see yourself at that.  Than do it!  You never know who you could be influencing to see themselves as them as well.  We need more faces out there, so this is my contribution to it.   
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Let’s play a game called “I’m totally joking, but would do that in a heartbeat if you were into it”

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